• About us

GaGatki is a shop as well as a clothing brand dedicated to babies and children, which was established in mid-2020.

We really wanted to create an inspiring, unique and wide range of baby clothes for you from the very beginning. Initially, we established cooperation with an experienced manufacturer who offered us a few designs of rompers and on this basis we created our original offer.

Today we develop faster and improve our skills. Thanks to the experience gained, we started designing new clothes ourselves and every month we try to make our offer richer and richer in patterns that you will not find anywhere else.

Most of the products in our offer are clothes made of 100% cotton, which is the best material for children's sensitive skin. The clothes have comfortable cuts, fastening, do not require special washing conditions.

The offer of our store is also more and more diverse - you will also find diapers, blankets, bottles, pacifiers, toys for babies and various accessories necessary for their daily nutrition and care. As time goes on, we will try to give you the opportunity to purchase all the products necessary for functioning in the first years of a child's life.

Marriage, and above all - parents. We know that raising children is a great responsibility and often a difficult task, which is why we want to make it as easy as possible for you. We test the products we offer you every day. Some items we stopped selling because we found them impractical or of poor quality when used. We believe that thanks to these private experiences, we create a store offer with the best products on the market. At the same time, we are eager to hear your voices, following forums and groups for parents.


We are open to all proposals and suggestions. If you have comments about our products, the functioning of the store, or if you would like to report what we could enrich it with, please contact us!

We are available on facebook, instagram and by e-mail: sklep@gagatki.eu